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Top 5 Japanese Foods - Mozzis

After writing about the Top 5 Japanese Sweets, it is now time to talk about something savoury. The food scene in Japan not only offers numerous kinds of ways to enjoy a nice meal but it is also a super healthy way of eating because the main ingredients include vegetables, fish and red meat. So let’s take a look at the top 5 Japanese foods:


1. Sushi

Could you start this list with anything else? I don’t think so! The cult food made of Nori leaves, rice and various other ingredients certainly is a favourite of many people when it comes to Japanese food. While I personally am a big fan of Maki, you have plenty of options to choose from like Nigiri and Sashimi just to name a few. Traditionally Sushi is made with different kinds of raw fish, for example salmon or tuna. Though today you can find any kind of Sushi and there are many vegetarian options like Kappa (cucumber) and Avocado Maki. The dish is accompanied by soy sauce, ginger and wasabi.


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2. Ramen

Noodle fans raise your hands! Ramen might be the most popular noodle dish in Japan and consists of noodles in broth accompanied by vegetables and/or meat of your choice. Eggs are a typical Ramen ingredient as well. Compared to other noodle dishes Ramen is a healthier option because of the vegetables and a light broth instead of heavy cream sauces used for other noodle variations. Although instant Ramen are popular outside of Japan, inside the country they are freshly produced either in thick or thin variety and traditionally slurped.


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3. Yakiniku

A maybe lesser-known Japanese food is Yakiniku, a do-it-yourself style of barbecue. Picture a restaurant where each table has their own barbecue installed and you can order different vegetarian and meat options to grill. It’s very interactive and simply a fun alternative to a regular style of meal. The food you choose for your BBQ is delivered to your table in bite-sized portions and the meat is sliced thinly so everything will be ready and roasted in no time. Some places also offer desserts to grill, like smores to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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4. Teppanyaki

Another form of grill is the Teppanyaki, a large plate on which a chef prepares food for a group sitting in front of them. Everything from vegetables over rice to meat and fish can be grilled and a special highlight is the famous Kobe beef, a high-qualityWagyu beef from the Kobe region. Teppanyaki is also very entertaining since the chefs usually perform stunts with the food by juggling their knifes and literally playing with fire. This way of enjoying a meal together will definitely provide an exciting experience.


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5. Shabu Shabu

Our last food on the list is Shabu Shabu, a fondue-like type of preparing food. It’s very interactive because everyone cooks their food themselves in a pot filled with boiling soup. You can choose from various options like thinly sliced vegetables and meat and swirl it around in the pot until everything is ready. After cooking the food it is usually dipped in a sauce of your liking. Impatient people also don’t have to worry about having to wait a long time before being able to eat since the thin slices take only a short amount of time cooking in the soup before they’re ready to be enjoyed.


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What is your favourite Japanese food and would you like to try anything mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!


-by Susan Miriam

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