Only Organic Vibes - Mozzis
Only Organic Vibes - Mozzis
Only Organic Vibes - Mozzis
Only Organic Vibes - Mozzis
Only Organic Vibes - Mozzis
Only Organic Vibes - Mozzis
Only Organic Vibes - Mozzis
Only Organic Vibes - Mozzis

Only Organic Vibes

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Introducing our "Only Organic Vibes" shirt from the ATMOSPHERE by Mozzis collection. This exquisite piece is a visual poetry of harmony, bringing together elements of nature and traditional Japanese art in a unique design that resonates with your sustainable lifestyle.

The design showcases a delicate depiction of birds soaring over the Japanese sea, encapsulating a sense of freedom and serenity. Complementing this is a lush array of flowers, blossoming in vibrant hues, representing beauty and growth. Together, these elements create a narrative of coexistence and harmony between man and nature.

Like all of our pieces, the "Only Organic Vibes" shirt is created from 100% bio-cotton, affirming our commitment to premium quality, comfort, and our responsibility towards Mother Earth. The superior softness of the fabric offers unparalleled comfort, while the advanced printing techniques ensure the vivacity and durability of the vibrant design.

With the "Only Organic Vibes" shirt, you are not only wearing a comfortable and stylish piece but also expressing your commitment to sustainable living. Embrace your love for nature and showcase your eco-friendly ethos with this captivating shirt from ATMOSPHERE by Mozzis. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Japanese sea and let your spirit take flight with the birds. The "Only Organic Vibes" shirt is more than a fashion choice; it's a lifestyle statement.

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Why choose us?


All of our products are made of sustainable, ethical and fair produced high quality materials, such as 100% organic combed cotton. We are against fast fashion. Our products are meant to stay with you.


Our fashion combines the history of japan with modern elements of the society. All of our products tell a story and we spent hours over hours to show it with our designs.

Giving back

We want to give back, therefore, a share of all our earnings are donated to a japanese charity organisation, which helps to proctet the nature and wildlife of the country.

Rising Sun Collection

Our release collection. Nine designs, symbolising nature, current society and the interplay of history and modernity.

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