No Planet B - Mozzis
No Planet B - Mozzis
No Planet B - Mozzis
No Planet B - Mozzis
No Planet B - Mozzis
No Planet B - Mozzis
No Planet B - Mozzis
No Planet B - Mozzis

No Planet B

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Introducing the "No Planet B" shirt from the ATMOSPHERE by Mozzis collection, a powerful testament to the urgency of environmental conservation and the inherent value of biodiversity. This design isn't just fashion, it's a rallying cry for the new generation.

The shirt is adorned with a dynamic front print that features a captivating composition of original animal and insect illustrations, including a detailed dragonfly on a flower and an intriguing crab. These elements are artistically intertwined across the shirt, creating a striking landscape of imagery, lines, words, and phrases that encapsulates the urgency and importance of biodiversity.

This masterpiece is crafted from our standard 100% bio-cotton, reflecting our commitment to the highest quality and sustainable practices. The complex design is meticulously printed to ensure each detail, whether it's a tiny insect or an insightful phrase, is vibrant and enduring.

When you wear the "No Planet B" shirt, you're not only embracing a piece of unique fashion, but you're also echoing a crucial message - the call for immediate action towards environmental conservation. This shirt from ATMOSPHERE by Mozzis isn't just about what you wear; it's about what you stand for. Join the call of the new generation, because there is indeed No Planet B.

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All of our products are made of sustainable, ethical and fair produced high quality materials, such as 100% organic combed cotton. We are against fast fashion. Our products are meant to stay with you.


Our fashion combines the history of japan with modern elements of the society. All of our products tell a story and we spent hours over hours to show it with our designs.

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We want to give back, therefore, a share of all our earnings are donated to a japanese charity organisation, which helps to proctet the nature and wildlife of the country.

Rising Sun Collection

Our release collection. Nine designs, symbolising nature, current society and the interplay of history and modernity.

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