Spirits of Nature Uni Shirt - Mozzis
Spirits of Nature Uni Shirt - Mozzis
Spirits of Nature Uni Shirt - Mozzis
Spirits of Nature Uni Shirt - Mozzis

Spirits of Nature Uni Shirt

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Spirits of Nature Uni Shirt by Mozzis

This crew neck, regular fit, shirt shows the magical spirits of nature in the miyazaki style.
The character with the umbrella represents the earth and fire, the character standing on the moon represents water and air.

The print refers to nature that alerts us, to climate change and global warming. It is a contemporary theme, which cuts across all of us as humans.

Kanji used for this design:
地 "chi" : Earth
火 "hi" : Fire
風 "kaze" : Wind/air
水 "mizu" : Water
空 "kara" : Emptiness

気 候 変 動 "kikōhendō" : climate change

Our products may show dimensional deviations compared to the dimension table. This can be up to approx. +/-5%.

Colour deviations may occur.

Material composition:
100% combed organic cotton
Jersey 155 g/m²

For the sake of the climate, we recommend
Wash cold and line dry.
Turn inside out before washing - gentle on colours and print design


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Why choose us?


All of our products are made of sustainable, ethical and fair produced high quality materials, such as 100% organic combed cotton. We are against fast fashion. Our products are meant to stay with you.


Our fashion combines the history of japan with modern elements of the society. All of our products tell a story and we spent hours over hours to show it with our designs.

Giving back

We want to give back, therefore, a share of all our earnings are donated to a japanese charity organisation, which helps to proctet the nature and wildlife of the country.

Rising Sun Collection

Our release collection. Nine designs, symbolising nature, current society and the interplay of history and modernity.

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